Ahoy there! My name is Erin. I take photos of bands on stages, pretty places and random other bits and bobs. I live in Australia on the sunny (and sometimes floody) Gold Coast.
I'm doing a 365 day project at the moment - one photo a day for a whole year.
All these shots are my own (unless I say otherwise). They're part of my soul. I'd love for you to share them, but please don't abuse them.

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First of all, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to everyone who has kept my family in their thoughts for the past few days since Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda struck the Philippines several days ago. My family and I really appreciate it and we’re trying to stay positive.

I’ve already donated a small sum personally, but I wanted to do more. Therefore, from now until midnight 30th November 2013 AEDST, all the money I make from my Society6 store will go towards the Philippine Red Cross. Every. single. cent. There isn’t a lot of designs on there but I definitely plan to add more.

So if you can spare the cash and would like something new in your life, whether it be a new top, a phone case, a print - you name it - feel free to shop from my store. 

Here’s the link to the shop: society6.com/pixelpushinglife

If you prefer to donate to the Philippine Red Cross directly, the link is here: redcross.org.ph/donatenow

Please spread the word.

I shot Junsu/Xia of JYJ at the Big Top Luna Park on Saturday. Want to see?
Please don’t edit these photos. I spent a few hours doing that for you.  I’m pretty happy for you to post them on Tumblr but please link back to the AU review page.
And yes, he was something incredible. Something so magical ;-)

The awesome moment when pulling over to grab a #sunset photo is absolutely worth it. #iphone #landscape #birds #Tumbulgum #NSW #Australia

I shot a wedding in March and lost a handful of photos from the reception on a slightly dodgy card. I managed to recover a few (Data Rescue 3, y’all. Word!) and this was one of them. A nice corrupted reception shot. I think it’s kinda pretty.

I haven’t posted here in a long time, but I’m still around. Here’s Kingscliff beach at sunrise on Monday morning.

Aww, love!!


This is the best disc in the world. ❤


Credit for this photo goes to my beautiful friend, Erin. Super proud of this photo and all the hard work we’ve put in over the past 6 weeks. I’ve lost over 10kg now and I weigh less than what I did at school. So many good things are happening for me right now. I think the look on my face (the desperate desire to smile) perfectly captures this » 

Check out my sexy dance crew boys!!

In between sittings at the Story Bridge Hotel on Saturday. Mirror selca.


Okay, i’m going to try and not get too excited about posting all of these at once… and Maybe just pick my absolute favourites. The wonderful Erin took all of these, her talent is just endless. 

December makes me sound a lot cooler than I really am.

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Classy ladies.

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Laughing December is adorable.

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