Ahoy there! My name is Erin. I take photos of bands on stages, pretty places and random other bits and bobs. I live in Australia on the sunny (and sometimes floody) Gold Coast.
I'm doing a 365 day project at the moment - one photo a day for a whole year.
All these shots are my own (unless I say otherwise). They're part of my soul. I'd love for you to share them, but please don't abuse them.

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365 Day Project - Day 81 (November 18, 2011)

The Palace Hotel, Brisbane, Australia. I think it’s heritage listed.

| Nikon D700 | 24-70mm f2.8 | 24mm | 25 seconds | f22 | ISO 100 |

Obviously I also used a tripod. I can’t hold that still!

I always try to use the lowest ISO possible on long exposures because if you don’t, noise can become a massive problem (unless I’m also using a flash, cause Nikon flashes heat up a lot if you have to use them on their higher power settings so if you pump the ISO you can use a lower power flash).

This shot was way too warm out of camera so I’ve set the white balance to the auto preset which cooled it down a bit, and amped up the clarity, recovery and the brightness a little. I also turned up the green and purple saturations selectively with the HSL/Colour/B&W panel and added a beige-highlight/pale blue-shadow split tone.  

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