Ahoy there! My name is Erin. I take photos of bands on stages, pretty places and random other bits and bobs. I live in Australia on the sunny (and sometimes floody) Gold Coast.
I'm doing a 365 day project at the moment - one photo a day for a whole year.
All these shots are my own (unless I say otherwise). They're part of my soul. I'd love for you to share them, but please don't abuse them.

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365 day project - day 107 (December 14, 2011)

Welcome to the family, my 85mm f1.4 that I won on eBay that arrived in this box and took this photo!

| Nikon D700 | 85mm f1.4 (squee!) | 85mm (of course) | 1/200 sec | f2.5 | ISO 1600 |

I do love packing peanuts. Doctor Karl says they taste best with barbeque sauce. I don’t eat them, I just think they’re cute.

Editing: lots. Probably too much, cause I just noticed how my (usually cream coloured) carpet looks pink and brown mottled in the corners there, but I was really trying to bring out the colours in the packing peanuts. So, I pulled exposure DOWN a tad (it was a little overexposed), clarity up, vibrance and saturation up just a bit, I’ve used the Colour part of the HSL/Colour/B&W panel to make the reds more orangey and less saturated, and turned the purples and magentas up a little (probably too much but I’m too lazy to go back and change it and re-export it now). There’s a beige-and-purple split tone and a tiny vignette, and we’re done! 

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